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skydust design iconNeed a new website to help you grow your business, organisation or new project? Not sure what’s possible?

I build user friendly, device compatible websites that get listed on Google Search, are easy for customers to navigate, and most importantly, sell the products and services you want to sell. If that sounds good, let’s talk!

I offer a free web design consultation, so why not get in touch?

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Website Design Camborne

I am based in Camborne, so we can work face to face or remotely.

Having over 18 years experience with web design, I can take on any type of project, irrespective of size or scope.

My focus is to help you achieve your vision and objectives.

Everything is carefully planned out and project managed for you.

All website projects can include:

  1. Project Brief
  2. Competitor research
  3. Domain registration and website hosting
  4. Web Design and Web Development
  5. Content Creation, including Copywriting, Photography and Illustration
  6. On Page SEO
  7. Digital Marketing Support
  8. Technical Support
  9. Ongoing Website Management
  10. Website Performance Optimisation


Why not get in touch today?

Establishing a Website Design Budget

Getting to the “how much is this going to cost” stage, the answer is, whatever you are comfortable to spend.

I take an agile project management approach to help you calculate a budget, based on:

  1. Your objectives and ambitions
  2. Your Target Customer or Client demographic/s
  3. Working through a Branding Exercise
  4. Reviewing the competition
  5. The features or apps your website will need to provide a good user experience
  6. The labour required to complete the work within the agreed timescale


It is important to design and build a website that is fit for purpose and that is my focus.

There is also a range of solutions to help you pay for the website, especially if you are working to a budget.

Taking a longer-term view, can often be the better choice, rather than cutting corners and not building a website you can be proud of.

It is fair to say, many people can build a website these days, but there is emerging research that suggests only 1 in 6 websites actually achieve their objectives, or make a profit.

That is where your knowledge and my digital skills will come together to build a website that will provide the additional promotion and income online, you are looking for.

Branding is Everything

Branding is so much more than just ‘how everything looks’.

This is such an in-depth subject, but branding, in summary, covers the language you use, the visuals and the ethos or character of your company / organisation.

When customers buy-in to your brand, this develops into a belief in you, creating loyalty in the process.

Brand loyalty is a valuable asset to have these days, so it’s a very worthy exercise.

There is an interesting article in Forbes that you can read on the importance of branding.

Useful Design Related Services in and close to Camborne

Printing Services

Q Print – This business has now closed.

ARRC Print provide a range of printing materials, including business cards, flyers, brochures and stationery. Very helpful when it comes to checking your design work.

Design Supplies

The Works have a nice selection of drawing pads at very reasonable prices.

WH Smith has a very impressive range of art illustration pens, pencils and near professional standard drawing pads and sketch books. Well worth a look.

Meeting Places

Costa is really nice to have a meeting over a coffee or tea.

John Francis Bassett is ideal if you want to have a relaxed meeting with a beverage, or something a little stronger!

Tyacks offers 2 bars, one being very quiet and relaxed to have a meeting.