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WordPress Manager

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A WordPress Manager will discuss the WordPress support you need and develop an agreed work plan.

The service is a cost-effective way to outsource WordPress support, providing both flexibility and peace of mind.

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WordPress Support | Technical? Not Technical?

wordpress developmentWordPress and websites, are by default, technical, yet, they are sold on ease of use.

That is not to say anyone can’t get started on building a website, whether using WordPress or something else.

The real downside comes from the realisation that, to be any good at anything, you have to be doing it a lot.

That’s not always practical, when you are trying to run a business or organisation.

Trying to figure out that glitch or little thing that’s bugging you starts off sucking up minutes, then hours of your time.

Before you know it, the day is almost up and you haven’t got much done.

There is a better way. Outsource anything beyond the general day to day stuff you can do in your sleep.

Rest assured you have someone who can undertake those jobs you just don’t have time to do.


WordPress Manager Support | Pricing

We generally find that ‘one size’ fits all plans don’t work for everyone.

Every client has different needs and trying to explain every scenario here is going to bore you to tears (truly)

We can tell you that our minimum charge for one-off WordPress jobs is £50.

We can offer a basic monthly plan starting from £30 per month and a basic annual plan starting from £295 per annum.

A no-obligation quote is always provided, once we understand the level of WordPress support you need.

Refreshing WordPress Support

You will never find us over technical, not unless you want us to be.

Our WordPress experience spans over a decade, so we can manage most things with ease.

If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you and use our network to find the right solution and implement it seamlessly.